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About Troy Street Publishing

My name is Richard Vacca, and I am a writer, researcher, and the owner of Troy Street Publishing LLC, a Massachusetts corporation. Mostly I refer to myself as a storyteller, and the company provides the means for publishing the stories.

Troy Street came about because of the revolution in the publishing industry. It is part self-publishing venture and part small press. The goal is to publish nonfiction titles about the cultural and social history of Boston and eastern Massachusetts, mainly in the middle years of the twentieth century. The Boston Jazz Chronicles: Faces, Places, and Nightlife 1937–1962, is Troy Street’s first book.

Although Troy Street Publishing was conceived primarily as a channel to publish my own work, I am always interested in 20th century tales told by others. Countless fascinating stories have developed in this intriguing place. Everything from stories of Boston during Prohibition to the rise of the high tech industries on Route 128 to the city’s newspaper wars interest me. If you have a nonfiction story to tell, feel free to get in touch.

And where is Troy Street? A better question might be, where was Troy Street. It was one of the New York Streets in Boston’s South End, running between Harrison Avenue and Albany Street. It was a commercial street, occupied by warehouses, garages, and the like, and it disappeared from the map of Boston in 1955 when its buildings were razed in the name of urban renewal. For a publisher looking to remember things left behind in the twentieth century, it seemed like a fine street on which to virtually set up shop.


The Boston Jazz Chronicles: Faces, Places, and Nightlife 1937–1962 is the first book to document the birth and growth of the Boston jazz scene at mid-century. Find a complete description of the book, as well as reviews, at

The Boston Jazz Chronicles (ISBN 978-0-9839910-0-7, 352 pages, $19.95) includes dozens of images and period maps, extensive notes, a bibliography, a discography, and a comprehensive index. It is distributed to bookstores and libraries through the Ingram Book Company, and available to readers online and through independent booksellers. Contact me for additional purchasing information.

Download The Boston Jazz Chronicles sell sheet as a PDF file.


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